So far this year, Penang has been filled with many festivals and celebrations. Chinese New Year had two weeks of events and street festivals that were an explosion on your senses, including the awesome fireworks and huge incense sticks. Chinese New Year culminated in a massive street party based around the clan houses. These clan houses open their doors to the public. It is a great opportunity to see the living history of these famous organisations.

Thai Pak Koong Temple

The Indian Community’s Thaipusam pilgrimage is one not to be missed. Be careful of the flying coconuts that get smashed onto the ground along the route. Some participants observe the ritual of body piercing as part of the cleansing self-mortification Kavadi. Thaipusam Рextremely loud, colourful and must be experienced.


Smashing coconuts

Buddha Wat Chaiyamangalaram Temple

We have just had a highlight festival for the children in all of us. The Songkan Buddhist Festival is where everyone has a huge water fight. This signifies the washing away of bad luck, so the more people you drench the better – lots of fun and kids love it.

These are a few of the amazing cultural highlights amongst fourteen other festivals in a very busy first quarter of the year. The Penang international food festival allows sampling of the amazing local food and should also not be missed.

There is a lot more action to look forward to in the next few months including; 11th World Da Bo Gong Festival, Penang Fashion Week, Wesak Day, and the Penang International Dragon Boat Festival. We are eagerly awaiting the Penang Durian Festival (a local and very smelly delicacy) and also on the same day the 2nd International Kungfu Festival.

Again lots to do, we hope you can join us and experience the amazing diversity of Penang.

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